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Dee Snider Radio with Lynn Hoffman

Talk That Rocks

“It’s very refreshing…I usually switch through the radio stations. I go from NPR to rock music… I’ll hit the oldies station… But I haven’t switched it off yet…”

Mike, DSR listener

…I’m not hearing the usual voice and it’s…Kind of exciting to hear yours Dee!”

Kevin, DSR Listener

THE PEOPLE’S morning talk radio.

Anyone who likes their morning talk radio light, but not meaningless, irreverent, but not disrespectful, this is the show for you. Designed to be inclusive, Dee Snider Radio is a voice for the true majority, not for the “bullying minorities” on the extreme left and right. Phone callers and e-mailers are treated as participants in the show, who’s thoughts and opinions matter. Dee and Lynn never abuse, objectify or make callers the brunt of jokes. The listener is a welcome “third member” of the morning show team.

Filled with compelling conversation, interviews, pop culture, games and the top news of the day, Dee Snider Radio is all talk. Its audience is defined by the personalities and content of the show itself, not by a specific music genre. With an eye toward the 30, 40 and 50-somethings, the show is open to anyone on either end of that spectrum who can enjoy the tone and sensibilities of the daily broadcasts. High school and college students, and 20-somethings have tuned into Dee and Lynn’s radio shows in the past, as have AARP members. Let’s face it, we all wanna rock!

Never taking themselves too seriously, Dee Snider and Lynn Hoffman’s welcoming attitude and banter will put a smile on your face, make you feel a part of the conversation and get you ready for the long day ahead. Dee Snider Radio with Lynn Hoffman. “Today is going to be a great day!”

Dee Snider Radio

Dee Snider Radio with Lynn Hoffman invaded Peoria and took over mornings on 102.3 MAX FM for a week in early April. Admittedly, we weren’t quite sure what to expect from the Twisted Sister frontman or the show itself. It easily could have been an out of control experiment full of rock star ego with a prima donna co-host thrown in. Instead, we spent a week with two of the most real, down to earth people who happen to have real radio experience…and most importantly a true passion for what morning radio is all about – fun! Dee and Lynn engaged, and involved, listeners with games, topics, opinions, celebrity interviews and amazing stories that can only come from a pair that has spent the better part of their lives in rock music. Dee Snider Radio – Engaging. Smart. Fun

Rick Hirschman, OM/WDQX-102.3 MAX FM

Our experience with Dee and Lynn couldn’t have been better! They both are great story tellers, and they’re fun, entertaining and engaging with the audience – on-air, online, and in person. The show is captivating and full of energy – a fresh approach which will have wide demo and lifegroup appeal. They lit up the hallways and you just can’t get out of the way of the vibrancy when they’re in the building. Three things were apparent right away: They’re both intelligent, they have a tremendous passion for radio and its ability to connect with an audience, and they’re real, genuine people! Dee and Lynn are awesome and the show rocks!

Mike Wild, VP/Market Manager-WDQX/102.3 MAX FM

Dee Snider Radio with Lynn Hoffman is thrilled to announce that “We have signed the voice of God a/k/a Vic Caroli as the voice of our syndicated radio show!” Dee Snider goes on to say “I love Vic’s voice. Lynn adds “Vic is one of the greats and we are honored to have him on board!” Legendary actor and voice over artist Vic will anchor the show on sweepers, bumpers and benchmark show features.

Dee Snider Radio with Lynn Hoffman

Talk That Rocks

About Interviewing Guests

Having spent my career being interviewed, I welcome the chance to ask the questions I would like asked of me. “What was it like making your record/film/book/campaign, etc.?” are the questions everyone asks. Discovering a celebrity or personality’s opinion on the hot topics of the day or the seemingly mundane will always give a greater insight into the true person behind the public persona. I love having the opportunity to ask those questions and give my guest the opportunity to reveal him or herself to the audience.

Dee Snider

I’ve had the good fortune of interviewing true legends of music and screen on the Emmy Award™ winning TV series Private Sessions on A&E. From Anthony Hopkins to Ringo Starr, Michael Douglas to Bon Jovi, Toby Keith to Meatloaf, interviewing is a passion of mine. I love getting into the mind of creative geniuses. What makes them tick, what makes them laugh, what makes them who they are today? What makes them just like us?

Lynn Hoffman

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Dee Snider Radio with Lynn Hoffman

DSR Tidbits

Dee Snider’s weekly show “House of Hair” is in it’s 17th year and can be heard on over 200 stations in North America.

Lynn hosted the Emmy Award™ winning TV series “Private Sessions” on A&E for five seasons.

Lynn Hoffman was a member of the #1 morning show in Boston. She hosted her own morning show in New York City for CBS Radio.

Lynn was the first VJ on VH-1 Classic. Lynn debuted after the video “It’s Raining Men” by The Weathergirls.

Dee made his Broadway debut in the metal musical “Rock of Ages” as club owner Dennis.

Dee once carved a Thanksgiving turkey with a chainsaw.

Lynn auditioned for the lead role in the 1982 movie version of Annie starring Carole Burnett & Telly Savalis. Ultimately Lynn didn’t look good in a red wig.

Dee and Lynn met on the set of VH-1 Classic.

Dee Snider is ¼ Transylvanian. ☺

What's it like working with...

What’s it like working with Dee Snider?

Rockstar, actor, director, singer, songwriter, screenwriter, stage-producer, voice talent, television host, reality tv star, radio host, charitable, devoted husband, doting father and proud grandfather… Dee Snider has a passion for prolific creativity and a zest for life and family that is nothing short of awe inspiring and addictive to be around to say the least. It’s like going on a fun crazy exciting adventure every morning and always coming away learning something new!

He is disarming to all he comes in contact with and goes out of his way to make everyone feel like they matter…Because he believes they do!

Dee has an unwavering focus and determination to go after what he wants, is willing to do whatever it takes, has a strong moral compass, a rather unique view of the world and a fun take on pop culture that you wouldn’t expect.

Dee is a man of the people for the people and It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to share the mic with such a wonderfully talented, intelligent, sometimes whacky and always zany, the consummate professional, Dee Snider.

Lynn Hoffman

What’s it like working with Lynn Hoffman?

Lynn is effervescence defined. An eternal optimist in a world filled with cynicism, she is a pleasure to work with. Her sharp insights and observations offer a steady sounding board to my sometimes more erratic opinions. Always offering a voice of reason in an unreasonable world, Lynn Hoffman is a joy to listen to. Her years of experience in both radio and television give her the confidence and steadiness to withstand any degree of intensity and voraciousness, and she is capable of steering the ship if I accidentally “fall overboard”.

With show nicknames like W-A-D-D and W-T-M-I, having a strong co-host like Lynn Hoffman helps keep the show on course. She is steady without being plodding, focused without being boring, and positive and fun without being mindless. Lynn is one of the boys without losing her strong sense of self and femininity. She can speak intelligently on behalf of women and is proud to be one, but Lynn is unafraid to go toe-to-toe in a man’s world.

Dee Snider
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